Reach-In Cabinet Ovens

4 Standard Sizes (8 Standard Models)

Electrically Heated

The Cabinet Batch (CB) is offered in four sizes and has a maximum temperature rating of 650°F. The CB series oven is electrically heated and provides horizontal air flow through the work chamber, ensuring excellent temperature uniformity.
The heavy-duty interior design and construction makes the CB series oven ideal for any industrial application while the clean, sleek appearance of the exterior, and its quiet operation make it suitable for any laboratory environment.
Primarily used for industrial and laboratory applications such as drying, curing, and sterilizing.
  1. Airflow pressure switches on all blowers
  2. Stainless steel interior
  3. 6 inch thick, 6# density, semi-rigid batt insulation
  4. 2 shelves included
  5. Eurotherm 3216 digital temperature controller
  6. High limit controller
  7. Incoloy sheathed elements
  8. Direct driven recirculation blower (low maintenance-no drive belts)
  9. Quiet operation
  10. Energy efficient
  11. 480/3/60 power supply (other voltages available)
  12. FM, NFPA, NEC compliant


  • Programmable controllers
  • Chart recorders
  • Timers (process down and/or start-up)
  • Main power disconnect switch
  • Door limit switch
  • Powered exhaust blower
  • Enclosure cooling fan
  • Class operation
  • PLC controls
  • Data acquisition and recording

Cabinet Ovens can be used in a wide range of applications and processes. Some typical applications include industrial and laboratory drying, curing, and sterilizing.

Elevator Style Ovens

A R Industries Oven Corporation manufactures Elevator batch ovens of various sizes for any application. The design provides for minimal floor space and excellent uniformity.

These elevator batch ovens are often used in the aerospace, glass, and automotive industry.

The concept of an elevator oven is very simple, and its name is derived from the process. The product, often loaded in baskets or on a grid, is positioned under the elevator oven and is attached to a lift mechanism. The load is then lifted into the chamber and the doors, located on the bottom, are closed. The elevator oven then proceeds with the heat treat of the load. Because the chamber is directly above the load car, an elevator oven cuts floor space in half.

Oven Corporation produces ovens in either electric, gas fired, or indirect gas fired heat, with uniformity of +/- 5°F at operating temperatures of 540 degree Cel. routinely.

Air Pollution Control Systems

As part of a turnkey process package Mechatherm can supply an air pollution control system to treat the gases and fume from our melting furnaces. All emissions are guaranteed to meet current legislation depending upon the country of installation.

We can supply all the interconnection ducting and dampers, air coolers, heat exchangers, bag or ceramic filters, spark arrestors, cyclones, I/D fan and exhaust stack. Dosing systems comprising lime, PAC or sodium bicarbonate can be integrated to neutralise acid gases and minimise dioxin formation.

Rotary Melting Furnace

The rotary melting furnace is the most flexible and universal design of equipment to recycle aluminium scrap. Due to the nature of its operation all scrap forms can be recycled with good results.

The rotary furnace is rotated either by a friction drive wheel system or a positive rack/pinion or chain drive depending upon the size and production requirements. A single door is utilised with either vertical, horizontal rotation or a pendulum type swing arrangement depending upon the plant layout.

A high efficiency fume extraction system is provided either fixed directly on the furnace which tilts with the furnace and exhausts through a rotary joint or simply by a high level fume collection hood / housing.

Rotary furnaces have been traditionally static but over recent years tilting designs have been implemented due to the many advantages with regard to reduced cycle times, yields and consumptions.

Mechatherm engineer rotary furnaces to suit all applications and client requirements. We can supply oxy-fuel burner system, cold air burner operating on either fuel oil or gas. Any size of furnace or configuration can be developed by Mechatherm of either static or tilting design.

Typical scrap types include painted and anodised extrusions sections, thermal break, UBC, litho, oily rolling mill scrap, fragmentised scrap, white dross, black dross, engine blocks.